The Inspection and Assessment Department plays an active role in overcoming customer confusion and answering the four critical questions that deteriorate in the customer's mind:

  1. What is the suitable type of Luminaire?
  2. What is the recommended power capacity of the Luminaire to achieve the desired results?
  3. How many Luminaire are needed, and where should they be installed?
  4. What is the estimated cost based on the requirements? 

A specialized team composed of engineers and technicians provides a comprehensive service starting with a meticulous site inspection.

The team conducts precise measurements and a comprehensive analysis of the location, preparing an engineering drawing that illustrates:

  1. The ideal placement of the Luminaire in terms of height and angle, based on the nature of the location and surrounding environmental conditions.
  2. A suggestion for the appropriate number of Luminaires to meet the needs of the site.
  3. A proposal for the suitable power for each Luminaire , considering the required illumination.
  4. Presenting several suggestions to the customer, along with a cost analysis for each proposal, allowing the customer to choose the optimal solution according to their needs and budget.

Thanks to this integrated service, customers can make informed decisions based on their unique needs, focusing on achieving the optimal balance between effectiveness and cost.